Exclude Teams from Live XC Scoreboard


  1. Create your meet in AthleticLIVE
  2. Upload events from your meet management system.


The cross country live scoreboard scores all athletes from all teams regardless of whether a team is incomplete. This provides a better live experience as you can see team point values as athletes cross the line, sorted by number of scorers then number of points.

If you know before the race that certain teams will have less than 5 runners, you can exclude them from scoring by doing the following:

  1. Login to https://admin.athletic.live.
  2. Go to your Meet Detail page.
  3. Click “Manage Events”.
  4. Click “Edit” next to any event.
  5. Enter the team names in the “Excluded from Team Scoring” field. Separate names with a comma. These must be the team names used in your F.A.T. system.
  6. Click “Save Event”.

The teams you entered will not be included in team scores.