Create a Meet on AthleticLIVE

Go to and sign in with your account.


  1. Click the “Create a Meet” button on the Dashboard.
  2. Fill out the following fields in each section.


  1. Meet Name - This is the official name of the meet.
  2. Abbreviated Meet Name - A short meet name that is no greater than 20 characters. This will appear as the meet title on mobile screens.
  3. Sport - Is this an indoor track meet, an outdoor track meet, or a cross country meet?
  4. Site - Select the site this meet should appear on. For almost all meets, it will be AthleticLIVE. If you have an Enterprise site, select that site.
  5. Meet Dates - Enter each day of your meet. For example, let’s say you have a non-consecutive 2 day meet on May 8 and 10. Enter May 8 and May 10. Let’s say you have a 3 day meet from May 8 - 10. Enter 3 dates: May 8, May 9, and May 10.
  6. Timezone - Choose the meet’s timezone.
  7. Publish this Meet? - If the meet is published, anyone can view its entries, heat sheets, and results.
  8. Location - Enter the location of the meet. This field will autocomplete as you begin typing.

Connect this meet with

Once you enter a sport, date, and location, a dropdown box will appear with matching meets. Select your meet if it exists. Otherwise, you can enter the ID.

Connecting the meet with will show a live results link on your meet page and open up many more features in the near future.

Check “Use entries?” if you intend to collect entries on

Find the ID

To find the ID, go to the public meet page (not the Manage Meet) of your meet on For example:

The meet ID is the number in the URL of the Public Meet Page. In this example, the meet ID is 359028.

Select a Meet Credit

In this section, you may choose an existing meet credit or purchase a new one. Depending on the selected credit, you may select the software your meet will use to send data to AthleticLIVE.

Live Track Scoreboard

If your meet credit contains a live track scoreboard to show entries and results as an event is in progress, select your system. We currently support FinishLynx and Eagle Eye.

If you select FinishLynx and this is a track meet, there is an option to show compiled or heat-by-heat results from FinishLynx.

If you have a wind gauge connected to FinishLynx, check “Do you want to show wind readings from FinishLynx?” to show the current wind reading on the scoreboard.

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Live Running Time

If your meet credit contains a live track scoreboard and you use FinishLynx, show live running time to your viewers. Related Articles:

Live Field Scoreboard

If your meet credit contains a live field scoreboard and you use FieldLynx, you can provide live field standings to your viewers. Standings update after every jump.

If you want to show live field series on the field scoreboard, check “Show field series on live scoreboard?”.

If you want to show generate standings from LFFs instead of the scoreboard plugin, check “Show flight and overall standings from LFF Data”.

If you are entering wind values for long and triple jump, check “Do you want to show wind readings from FieldLynx?”. Requires that you show live field series and are generating standings from LFFs.

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FTP Result Uploads

AthleticLIVE requires entries, heats, and results to be uploaded via FTP.

We currently support HyTek for all sports and MeetPro for cross country.


If your meet has Divisions, you must enter them here. If you do not, data will not be uploaded to AthleticLIVE correctly.

To add a division, click the blue “+” button. Enter the division name into the input field. Do this for each division. After the first division, click the gray “+” button on the right of the input field.

If you are doing a Division by Team meet in HyTEK: 1. Check “Division by Team”. 2. Enter the division abbreviation in addition to the division name.

Click the “trashcan” button if you no longer need a division.


Enter timer information into this section. Timer data will appear at the bottom of every meet page.

Result Questions

Identify who should receive questions about results. This information will appear at the bottom of every meet page.


  1. Show live scores - Check this box to show meet scores. They will be updated every time new results are uploaded.
  2. Show scores by gender - Check this box to calculate scores by gender. If this is not checked, Male and Female scores will be combined together
  3. Show scores by division - Check this box if you have divisions and intend to score by division.

Cross country meets have more options:

  1. Show live XC team scores while the race is in progress - Check this box to display team standings as a race is finishing.
  2. Number of scorers - The number of scorers in each race (Usually 5).
  3. Number of displacers - The number of displacers in each race (Usually 2).
  4. Tiebreaker - NFHS: The better 6th man wins. NCAA: Compare the scoring members of the tied teams in order the place finish. The team with the majority of winning comparisons shall be awarded the higher place.


  1. Display new result updates - Do you want to display an update on the meet homepage whenever new results are uploaded? This box is usually checked.
  2. Display existing result updates - Do you want to display an update on the meet homepage whenever existing results have been updated? This box is usually checked.

Social Media

  1. Hash Tag - Enter a hash tag for this meet. It is used for meet social media posts.

Add Static Links to point users to important meet documents, such as a course map, a webcast link, a meet brochure, or an HTML list of entries. Enter a Title and a URL for each Static Link.

Static links appear as buttons on the AthleticLIVE meet homepage.


Show PRs and SRs when you use for entries

On meet day, we will gather a list of Personal Records and Season Records from the database. On results, we will indicate if an athlete beats their PR/SR or a team beats their SR. This will only work if the following conditions are true:

  1. Your meet collects entries on
  2. An athlete or team was entered in an event on If you add an athlete/team entry in your meet management system, we won’t be able to show PR/SRs for that athlete.
  3. You check Display athlete personal records? and/or Display athlete/team season records?

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Live qualifiers

When uploading heat by heat results from your meet management system or via FinishLynx results, show up-to-the-second qualifiers. Set qualification standards by editing any event.

Other Settings

  1. Show Event Start Times? - If this box is checked, we will show event start times on the event list page.
  2. Show Raw Results - If this box is checked, the uploaded HTML results from your meet management system will appear next to mobile-formatted results. This box is normally unchecked.
  3. Video Link - If the meet is being broadcast live, enter the link here. A “Watch Live” button will appear on the meet homepage.
  4. Export Lynx Images and Show in Results - Automatically show FinishLynx images as you click each result.

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Click “Save Meet” to save your changes and create/update the meet.