AthleticLIVE Timer Update

Good morning Timers!

Championship season is officially here, and we're continuing to work on a few more XC enhancements before switching back to T&F. In this email, we unveil an update to AthleticLIVE Local, new timer analytics, and a couple minor scoreboard enhancements that improve the mobile XC real-time experience.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please contact me at

Good luck with your meets this weekend!

- Ben

View Basic Meet Analytics
An image showing analytics for a large meet.

Do you ever wonder how many people view your live results? Now, you can see basic analytics like pageviews, sessions, and users from your admin meet detail page. Analytics are updated every morning at 6 AM ET.

If you have an Enterprise account, you can view more detailed analytics in Google Analytics.

AthleticLIVE Local 2.5.10: Meetpro Publish to Disk and more

On Thursday, October 24, AthleticLIVE Local 2.5.10 was released. New features include

  • Publish results using Meetpro's "Publish to Disk" functionality instead of FTP. Learn More >>
  • ResulTV outputs respects Lynx placing for finish times.
  • Send the ResulTV output event name to ResulTV instead of LIF event name.
  • Do not show an active meet when you open ALive Local. Previously, the last selected meet was shown.
Download Version 2.5.10
Exclude scoring teams for the entire meet or per-event
If you know that certain teams don't have the appropriate number of scorers, you can exclude them from team scoring on the live scoreboard. Simply check the appropriate teams, and we won't score them. By doing this, you can show real-time scores without incomplete teams affecting the score. This is great for championship meets where you know exactly how many people from each team start each race.
Learn More
XC Scoreboard Team Scores defaults to scorers and displacers only

Previously, the XC team scoreboard showed all team members under each team score. Some races allow many runners per team, and it wasn't easy to browse through scores when each team score had 30 team members under it.

Now, we default to showing only scorers and displacers under each team score. If you want to show all team members, you can check a checkbox under the Scoring section of the admin meet edit page.

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